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What is Transvestism?

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What is a Transvestite?

Marcy explains what being a transvestite is and exposes some of the little known truths.

If you are here, it is likely that you are curious about what the term Transvestism means. Let me first begin by defining the term transvestite.

The most general and understandable definition of the term transvestite is one who is biologically a male that experiences a compulsion to present themselves as a female on a regular basis. This can involve wearing female clothing, wigs, makeup and other things that make them feel more feminine. This is also known as crossdressing. Many even give themselves a female name to use when they are “dressed”.

Transvestism is basically the way of life for a person who considers themselves a transvestite. The majority of transvestites understand from a young age that there is something quite different about themselves and begin experimenting with feminine things.

Even so, transvestites and transsexuals are not the same thing. Most transvestites are straight men who have a fetish for all things female. Many are happily married and have children. Their cross dressing behavior is not always known to their friends or family due to the fact that guilt is a major factor in Transvestism. Transvestites are the most secretive of all the “gender confused” groups.
They do not want people to see them differently as a transgendered person would. They are typically happy and comfortable with themselves while in their feminine garb but have no desire to actually become a woman. Eventransvestite sissy when pretending to be female, most transvestites stay in a reality where they know that they really are men and are just fine with that fact. They generally have little to no desire to change who they are inside or out.

tranvestitle imageIt is a common myth that men dress as women because it gives them a sexual thrill ride. While this may be true for some, it is not the norm. Most transvestites dress the way they do because it gives them a happy, comfortable and secure feeling. They enjoy the way it makes them feel. For some men it does bring out sexual desires, but this is not the rule; it is the exception. As mentioned above, being a transvestite does not mean that you are homosexual; although a transvestite can be gay. It gets a bit complicated when sexuality comes into play. Every person is different. For some, stepping into the world of Transvestism later opens the doors to more feelings of gender identity issues or sexuality issues. There is no clear cut mold for transvestites; they are just as different as any other group of people. They can be straight, gay or bisexual. Those who identify with bisexuality tend to only enjoy the company of men when they are dressed up as a woman but never interested in men when they are in their male form. As I stated above, transvestism is a very complicated matter!

The amount of men who are transvestites is unknown, largely due to the fact that the majority of transvestites are still in the closet. Some do not wish anyone to know about them because they are happy with how their lives are, while others would love people to know about them but are frightened on the consequences. Each person handles themselves and their behaviors differently and thankfully, luckily you have found a great source for support and information relating to transvestism also known as crossdressing as well as other gender issues.


About the Author:

Hi, I’m Marcy Simpson, the founder and creator of Crossdresser Society. I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and I am also an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the feminine realm. I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California.


  1. Epul  December 25, 2012

    I wonder if I might comnemt on the section about transsexuals and transvestites. I suppose, in principle, I should say that we, transsexuals don’t want to become men/women we already are, and just want the physical modifications to improve our acceptance by society. As long as society defines gender by genitals, we have a need for physical correction. Oh, there’s more to it than that, and I don’t understand much but that’s not what I wanted to say.The reason some transsexuals call themselves transvestites is because that’s how we often think of ourselves for a while. Some transsexuals seem to know their true gender from earliest childhood, but most of us only begin to feel significant cross gender feelings around puberty. Then, we find there’s some relief in cross dressing. At that point, we do think of ourselves as transvestites. Later, we learn thst clothing no longer offers the relief we need, and we get hormones and, when possible surgery to bring our outward appearance into line with our minds but that only comes later, with greater self understanding. It’s less a matter of getting a toe in the water than going through a stage of development.The two terms are frequently misused, and cross dressers and transvestites sometimes refer to themselves as transsexuals, or non-op transsexuals. I’m not sure I’ve made things any clearer, but I hope so.

  2. Hulda  February 11, 2013

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, What is Transvestism? | Crossdresser Society, thanks for the good read!
    — Hulda


  3. Renee  October 21, 2014

    Although I believe that all transvestites are crossdressers I would have to say that all crossdressers are not transvestites. I have found in my 40+ yrs of crossdressing that someone that considers themself as a crossdressers is still pretty much still in the closet and does not venture out in public very often. But on the other hand a transvestite is out in the public more. Most of your female impersonators consider themselves as transvestites rather than a crossdresser. I also have found (at least in my northern midwest section of America) that transvestites have a higher percentage of gay or bisexuals in the group than what the crossdressing group has in its group. Will crossdressers go out in public? Sure, but they do pick their spots carefully. Most crossdressers usually will stay in the comfort of their own homes.

    At least in this section of the country that is how we percieve the differences between crossdressers and transvestites.


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