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Thank you for ordering the Ultra Breast Forms sample kit.

Your sample kit is on its way to you or maybe you have already received it. I created  this page is to assist and guide you on how  you can get the most out of your breast forms sample kit. Please take a few minutes and read through these tips and instructions so you become familiar with the whole process of “what to do” with your sample kit and how you should photograph your sample photos that are going to assist the manufacturer of these unique breast forms in matching them as close as possible to your own skin tone.

Introducing your sample kit

Your sample kit contains  6 silicone, gelly  like round pieces that are going to help in determining the best skin tone for your customized breast forms.

The 6 tones included  are:

  • Dark African
  • Light African
  • Tan
  • Asian
  • Medium
  • Fair

Step 1: What to do with the 6 samples of silicone in your kit

You should examine the 6 samples closely and compare them to your chest skin one at time. Please note that you should do this during the day using natural sunlight, that is next to a window or source of good natural light.

Incandescent lights tend to create a reddish and fluorescent lighting creates a greenish cast which will distort your results.

It is best to select the 2 silicone sample that best match your skin tone on your chest where the breast forms are going to be used. Simply place each sample on your chest close to your nipples and stand in front of a mirror to match one by one.

After trying all 6 samples you will have a couple of best matches. Be careful to do one by one so you don’t miss place them back in their proper location in the plastic case that came with the samples. It might be very confusing after to figure out which one is which. I had trouble matching them to the their respective locations after wards when I did mine.

Now that you have selected the 2 best matches its time to photograph them.

Step 2: How to photograph your 2 best skin sample matches

OK so now you have your 2 best matches so its time to photograph them. You don’t need any fancy cameras or special tricks. Simple use natural daylight or camera flash to shoot each marching sample as you see in the photos below.
Again try not to take your photographs under incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

I use sticky notes as you see in the photos below to help me track my photos. I would recommend you do the same. You can use your mobile phone camera provided it is a decent one or any point and shoot camera. Try yo make sure the photos are in focus and clear. Standing 4 or 5 feet back facing a window is a good place to take your photos.

Try not to get direct sunlight on you when taking the photos as it will tend to blow out your photos.

The 2 photos below will give you good idea of how much chest area you should capture. Try not to stand too close to the camera or too far back because it will be hard to distinguish the sample skin tones.

Take 2 to 4 photos and them choose the 2 best ones.

Now that you have your best shots selected its time to email them when you are ready to order your breast forms.

The cost of your sample kit will be deducted from the price of your breast forms when you check out.

Use the coupon code “SAMPLEFREE” when you check out and the cost will be deducted form your breast form order.

Just follow all instructions on the order page and once you complete your order you will receive a confirmation from the online CD store.

It will take up to 4 weeks for delivery of your custom breasts forms. Each set is precisely manufactured at the time of ordering and involves delicate techniques to achieve a realistic feeling and look.

Please email your 2 photos to Marcy at this email, ““. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Once I receive your photos I will forward them to the manufacturer with specific instructions for your order.

Please note that I cannot move forward with your order until you complete the order process for your breast forms in the store.

Below is a red order now button that will take you to the order page to order your breast forms. Don’t forget the coupon code when you check out.


Sample photos of when I shot my own sample to help your camera framing

This photo was taken with a camera flash on.
This photo was taken in natural day light.

Click on the button below to securely order your breast forms. Use coupon code SAMPLEFREE, to get the discount when you checkout.Since you have already ordered the custom sample kit simple choose the “fair” option for the skin tone when you are on the order page. Don’t worry, I will take care of the rest.

Thank you in advance for your order and get ready to experience the ultimate rush of having your own realistic life-like breasts.