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Is Bruce Jenner a Crossdresser?

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Bruce Jenner: Champion Crossdresser?

Bruce Jenner crossdresser story as posted in StarPulse.com ?

It’s just as well he lives with a houseful of women, because apparently reality TV dad Bruce Jenner has a thing for women’s clothing and is a crossdresser! Allegedly, of course.

There are perks to living in a house filled with estrogen: An uncanny knowledge about chick flicks, immaculate closets… unlimited access to the contents of those immaculate closets.

The woman behind the sensational claim that Khloe Kardashian ...

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What is Transvestism?

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What is a Transvestite?

Marcy explains what being a transvestite is and exposes some of the little known truths.

If you are here, it is likely that you are curious about what the term Transvestism means. Let me first begin by defining the term transvestite.

The most general and understandable definition of the term transvestite is one who is biologically a male that experiences a compulsion to present themselves as a female on a regular basis. This can involve wearing female ...

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