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Male to Female Transformation

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A little introduction to how male to female transformation takes place!

For a transgendered person, transforming into the gender with which they feel most comfortable with is, many times, essential to lifelong happiness.

A transgendered woman is one that was born male but feels as if “she” is really a woman. In a case such as this, the transgendered person reaches a point in their life where they wish to make the transformation from male to female. Often times this decision is reached at an early age, with some men making subtle changes as early as their beginning teenage years. Transformation from male to female can be as simple as learning makeup tricks or as complex as sexual reassignment surgery. Exactly how much one wishes to transform on the outside is a very personal decision and not one that is made lightly.

female to male transformation imageFor the majority of transgenders, sexual reassignment surgery is something that is in the very back of the mind which is a good thing. The decision to go all the way is one that should be made over a great period of time. Something this important cannot be rushed. The first thing that is typically done is experimenting to see what it is like to be a male who is “preforming” as a woman. This real life experience is vital to any future choices. Living the experience can mean many things and knowing many transgendered people, I have seen a lot on this subject. For some men it is very simple. They dress as their feminine self and go out into the community with no problem. Others who do the same have some issues with feeling comfortable in public. One person in particular has always known who they were but just recently started going shopping as his fem self. He is still self-conscious that people are looking at him, knowing that he is male. This is why I say the choices are very individualistic.

Men who wish to transform into women typically begin by experimenting with female clothing and makeup. There are special types of makeup that help soften the male facial male to female changefeatures so they appear more feminine. Thanks to modern technology, transgenders can reach out to others experiencing the same things for tips, help and advice. Another step that men tend to take is ingesting female hormones to help mold their bodies into something more feminine. There are even specific hormones that will allow them to grow female breasts. Once a man reaches this point, it is very likely that sexual reassignment surgery is in their future. Most doctors will require in-depth counseling before a date for the surgery is set. This is a huge step and one has to get past their own personal obstacles in order to be ready for such a step.

The final male to female transformation is known as a Vaginoplasty. This procedure is done in order to take the penis and mold it into a vagina. The process is extensive and may take months, or even years to recover from. Recovery in this case does not just consist of surgical wounds. It involves getting used to having a new sexual organ, being able to use that organ for sexual and biological purposes and coming to terms with the knowledge that you are now a true and legal female. However, if this is something that you have given a great deal of consideration and know that it is what you want, the time it takes to acclimate to your new life will be nothing compared to having lived in your original body for the remainder of your years.


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Hi, I’m Marcy Simpson, the founder and creator of Crossdresser Society. I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and I am also an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the feminine realm. I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California.


  1. michael  October 17, 2014

    Bonjour, Marcy ! …..I’m very complimented that you would leave a comment site open for me……not unlike a door being left unlocked…..and a light on……a safe place…..sanctuary……somehow especially now……one of Ginger’s friends read me……the three of us talked…….The friend, Jennifer, offered to take me up to a studio that works on actors…….She’s in charge of costumes……the staff up there would be only too happy to improve my drag !
    I’m going to do it Marcy……I have the nerve to listen to criticism…….largely because of you …..and your mantra of Caring is sharing……that works vice- versa……sharing is caring……love you Marcy, for all you do for all of us …..you are wonderful …. thank you…….hugs……kisses….more besides…..love you……..Mitchie

    • Donnigirl  October 31, 2014

      Hi My name is Donnigirl. I am a mature man who has wanted to dress and be part of this society all my life. Thankyou for the wonderful webpage information and product to help me on my journey. Its been a lonley one but i feel like i have found some kindread spirits. donnigirl

  2. Glenn  May 13, 2015

    Are you a feminist?

    • Steffie  September 27, 2015

      Who cares whether she is a feminist or not? :^)

  3. ASAD ALI  September 16, 2015



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