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Male Feminization Part 2

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Marcy’s own journey to grow real breasts naturally

This is part 2 of my earlier post about male feminization. Here I reveal my obsession with attaining my own feminine breasts and how I did it.

Discover how I underwent female puberty in my early forties, as a crossdresser.

I have been a cross-dresser for many years and my cross-dressing like most other crossdressers has gone to several stages of evolution since the early years as a young boy.
Even though I have gone through several progression steps as a crossdresser it was in the summer of 2012 that for some reason which remains unknown to me or I fail to fully understand, I was about to take my next giant leap in my crossdressing journey.
I became quite obsessed with wanting to grow my own natural breasts.
I recall vividly one night hot while lying down on top of my hot tub cover under a full moon closing my eyes and visualizing and imagining the feeling of having a pair of beautiful breasts on my chest.

One night under the moonlight

The soft moonlight shining on my smooth shaven body created overwhelming feminine urges within my mental and physical self.male feminization in the moonlight
The exhilarating feeling of being able to touch and feel a pair of breasts on my chest was so intense that it like I was touching a real pair of my own breasts.
It the day after I embarked on sort of mission or quest to discover how I could grow my own breasts without having to resort to implants or taking hormones as many as transgender women do.

I became extremely obsessed and that obsession seemed to control my every thought day to day. No matter what I was doing that day my thoughts always seem to gravitate and focus on my yearning to have breasts of my own.
Of course like many crossdressers I did not reveal my desires or wishes to anyone and I secretly went on an online quest to find out all I could about natural ways of growing breast for men.
I spent many countless hours over days, many times in my bed unable to sleep on my iPhone and consuming all I could find about hormones, female development, and how one could possibly grow his own breasts.
During my research done almost exclusively online I came across many websites and blogs, some good some bad and some just plain old advertising. It was sometimes difficult to separate the facts from fiction as you probably can relate when it comes to anything you read online.
At times my overwhelming desire to grow my own breasts seemed very distant and some days it seemed like it was within my reach.
I discovered that there are several powerful herbal combinations that has been shown to enhance breast growth in women. It was often difficult to find real of before and after photos of women while on these herbs, at least photos that seemed creditable.
It was even more difficult or next to impossible to find photos of natural breast growth in men other than men suffering from man-boobs-imageGynecomastia, also known as “man boobs”, which is a condition that afflicts some men when they suffer from low testosterone levels or higher amounts of estrogen in the body.
This condition is also common among many overweight, older men because of the fact our testosterone levels drop significantly after the age of 40.

The sex hormones known as testosterone and estrogen control the development and maintenance of sex characteristics in both men and women. Testosterone controls male traits, such as muscle mass and body hair. Estrogen controls female traits, including the growth of breasts.
Some men decide to undergo surgery to reduce or eliminate their breast growth as a result of hormonal imbalance in their bodies clinically known as Gynecomastia.
As you might already know breast growth in women is mostly the result of estrogen and progesterone in the female body during adolescence that causes the sensitive breast tissue to enlarge and develop.
Genetic women go through five stages of breast development known as Tanner stages. I feel it would be best to give you a brief outline of the five stages of breast development in a genetic female so that you can fully see how breasts develop over the time.

The 5 stages of female breast development

Stage 1: Childhood

Stage 1 is the childhood stage, before puberty begins. The breasts have not started to develop. The nipples are the only raised part. Otherwise, the breasts are stages of female breast development photoflat much like their male counterparts.

Step 2: Breast Buds Develop

The breasts start to develop during Stage 2. A small, flat, button-like bud forms under each nipple. It contains fat, milk gland and tissue. The breast bud raises the nipple making it stick out from the chest. The areola gets bigger and is wider than Stage 1. Some young boys also undergo this stage as a result of minor hormonal imbalances. This is considered normal.

Some girls get to this stage when they are only seven or eight. Other girls don’t start Stage 2 until they are nearly fourteen years old but most girls reach this stage when they are eight and a half to eleven years old. Today girls seem to be reaching this stage much earlier that before and I believe it can be attributed to the meat we consume which is often loaded with growth hormones. Many of the products around us are also full many chemical compounds which have an estrogenic affect when ingested into the human body.
I might post an article in the future about the topic of estrogens in our environment. Just drop me a comment below and let me know if you are interested.

Stage 3: Development Continues

Breast development continues during Stage 3. The breasts become larger. The areolas also continue to get bigger. They stand out more from the chest. You may notice that the nipples, too, are getting larger. In this stage, the breasts are adult in shape, but they are smaller than they will be when you are an adult.

Girls usually reach this stage when they’re ten to thirteen years old, but some girls reach Stage 3 when they’re younger than ten or older than thirteen. Stage 3 may last a few months or as long as two years.

Stage 4: Nipple and Areola Form Mound

In Stage 4, the areola and nipple continue to enlarge. They form a separate little mound on the breast. They stick out above the rest of the breast. Figure 15 shows the difference in the nipple and areola in Stage 3, Stage 4, and Stage 5. The breasts are often “pointy” or cone-shaped in Stage 4.

Some girls skip Stage 4 and go directly to Stage 5. Some never develop beyond Stage 4. Still other girls develop a raised mound again in Stage 5.

Girls often reach this stage when they’re twelve to fourteen years old, but as with the other stages, many girls reach Stage 4 at ages that are outside this range. Stage 4 may last anywhere from eight months to two years.

Stage 5: Adult

In Stage 5, the nipple and areola no longer form a separate mound on the breast. This is the adult stage. The breasts are fully developed. However, some girls’ breasts do continue to grow somewhat even after they’ve reached this stage.

Even though the breasts have reached their adult size, they may not be very large. In fact, some grown women have breasts smaller than the ones shown here.

Most girls reach Stage 5 between the ages of thirteen and six teen, but some girls reach this stage when they’re younger than thirteen and others when they’re older than sixteen.

Breast size is largely also determined by your genes. If your mom has large breasts than changes are that you will too, you know what I mean?

Okay so now you have a better understanding how our female sisters grow their own breasts.

Now I am guessing you might be wondering if the same can happen in man…Right?

anatomy of a female breastWell, the truth is it can happen and for transgender women this is often the case after they undergo HRT also known as hormone replacement therapy. This therapy consists of taking either synthetic or natural estrogen along with androgenic drugs which block testosterone in the male body.
In order to alter the male hormone balance one must block or lower the amount of testosterone in a man’s body and increase estrogen in order to develop some of the female physical traits such as breasts growth, larger hips butt and often reduced body hair growth cycles.

There are many health risks associated with taking female hormones whether they are natural or synthetic. By natural I mean that they are derived from natural sources unlike their synthetic counterparts which are synthesized in a laboratory.

Because of these health risks one must take female hormones under the supervision of a doctor or an Endocrinologist. Blood tests must be done regularly to monitor hormonal levels in the bloodstream to ensure that the risk of blood clots and other related dangerous health issues are minimized.
During my online research I became well convinced that taking hormones was out of the question for me.
One of the reasons is that I would not want to fully transition given my current age and life circumstances. Not to say that I don’t dream about how it would be like to live full time as a woman in our society.

The other reason is obviously the fact that I wasn’t willing to risk all the possible side effects of taking female hormones unsupervised by a physician.
So at this point I was thoroughly convinced that the only way I could possibly realize my newly found desire to grow my own breasts was to find effective natural herbal-based supplements that could do the job.

Holy Grail of Breast Growth?

breast growth herbs for menOne late-night while on my iPhone eagerly searching for answers, I came across a blog post that mentioned an herbal supplement that I had never heard of before.
The name was unknown to me and it seemed to be the Holy Grail of breast growth for man.

There was very vague real information about it online until I really started to dig deep so the next morning I was overwhelmingly driven to find all I could about this super herb that might finally allow me to secretly realize my newly found feminine desire.
I did find many of the answers I was seeking and finally decided to undergo my own experiment to test this herbal supplement which had many other health benefits besides breasts development.

What to expect in part 3!

In the next part of this article I will reveal for the first time how I embarked on a five month experiment, sort of discovery of this newly discovered herb from Asia and how I was able to experience of undergo female puberty in my early 40s.
I will also post never before seen photos of my before and after journey during the five months that I was on this very unique herb.

I know that you probably are anxious to find out what this very promising herbal combination is and what sort of powers it holds for us crossdressers who want to realize higher feminine ambitions.
I promise I will finally reveal everything you need to know about breast growth for men and the next and final part of this article series about male feminization.
Please leave a comment below and feel free to share this article with your social circles.

If you missed Part 1 of the previous article on male feminization part 1 here it is.


About the Author:

Hi, I’m Marcy Simpson, the founder and creator of Crossdresser Society. I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and I am also an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the feminine realm. I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California.


  1. Carol  December 14, 2013

    Hi Marcy, luv the part 2. I can understand where your coming from being a 47 year old cd who found Moms closet at 4. The only problem is where do you draw the line between cross dresser and transgender? If I’m going to have a nice female top I would prefer to live 24/7 as a female. If I was 17 again and not 47 trust me I would knowing what I know now. I do agree the natural way is the best why risk a leak with the fake ones and all the horror stories you read about some women have with their fake ones. One woman I knew had a small waist and really perfect top said it was to much trouble with all the back pain she had. You always hear and read about trouble with finding the perfect bra. I know my doctor told me at my last yearly check up to try and eat more meat for protein to up my Testosterone level. So I would think your diet would also be a factor. Looking forward to part 3 and wondering is Marcy walking around now with a 36dd top? That would certainly change your life style.
    I really do admire your attitude and commitment , God Bless

    • Marcy  December 14, 2013

      Thank you Carol for your great comment! I agree with how you feel about drawing the line between crossdressing and going the full mile into the transgender mode. In part 3 I will divulge my feeling regarding this and also I will open up about my own outcome when it comes to growing female breasts and the not so obvious stigmas that would create for a part time crossdresser like most of us. Thanks so much again and big hugs!!

  2. Ruby Girl  December 16, 2013

    Loved reading your story very informative, your story described my struggles exactly, when will the name of the holly Grail be named? Much luv ruby

  3. Tracy  February 1, 2014

    I love your article I just hope there is a part 3 sometime soon!

    • Marcy  February 3, 2014

      Hi Tracy thank you for the comment. Yes, part 3 is in the works and it will expose many tips and tricks for crossdresser feminization. Stay tuned!! Take care.

  4. lakshmi lachu  February 21, 2014

    what are the side effect in high level of prolactin in men

    • Marcy  February 23, 2014

      to my best knowlegede the effects of high prolactin in men are as follow. When a high blood prolactin concentration interferes with the function of the testicles, the production of testosterone (the main male sex hormone) and sperm decrease. Low testosterone causes decreased energy, sex drive, muscle mass and strength, and blood count. If levels remain low for several years, bone strength may become decreased (osteoporosis). High blood prolactin also causes difficulty in getting an erection, as well as breast tenderness and enlargement. You should visit your doctor for specific information.

  5. paul  February 28, 2014

    when will part 3 be out i cant waite

    • Marcy  February 28, 2014

      Hi Paul I am currently working on Part 3. It should be posted this weekend. I will feature never before seen photos of my breast development and much more. If you signed up for updates you will receive an email when I post it. Thank you for the comment!!

  6. Cathy Laura Peterson  July 23, 2014

    Hi Marcy, I’m also a local SoCal cross-dresser for 40+ years, and like you, I also became obsessed with the prospects that I could perhaps naturally develop breast tissue. I did the Flat2Fem program thru Lucille Sorella’s online site/blog, starting in the summer of 2010, and I have continued without wavering ever since right thru today. Here’s my 4-point regimen:
    1) 3 fenugreek 1000mg capsules with breakfast, 3 with dinner each day
    2) 100% pure fenugreek liquid extract mixed 1:2 ratio with Aveno moisturizing skin cream and massaged deeply for 5 minutes directly into my breast tissue after my morning hot shower when the pores are open
    3) 100% pure progesterone cream 5-min massage each evening
    4) Medela maternity breast pump 10-15 mins on each side per day
    Now in my late 40s, I have allowed my years of weight-training and pectoral toning/development to completely atrophy for almost 5 years now, which is a fair amount of loose chest/breast tissue. Combined with the 4-point plan, I have developed very full, soft, rounded, jiggly B-cup breasts that are wonderful.
    My measurements (in my journal) from May 2010 were: 36.5″ across widest part of my chest, 35″ right under the chest on the ribs, 34″ waist, 35″ hips. Today, I am 39″ across widest part, 34″ right under my breasts on ribs, 30″ waist, 35″ hips. Adding breast fullness/roundness and real size, additional tissue mass while slimming my waist 4″ (I’m trying to get to 28″ or 29″) has really helped make my breasts look so much more feminine as my ribs show a bit under on my torso and my waist is very thin proportionately.
    My recent June photos are at Lucille Sorella’s site, search: “Cleavage, Nu-Bra, Sorella” and see me in my deep scoop-neck green cotton very clingy top. Can’t wait to see your updated photos.


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