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  1. Barbara Blackcinderf  February 26, 2014

    I’m so glad you made it out of the closet. Only my immediate family knows about me so far.

    • Zoe  June 5, 2014

      Only my friend knows. Wish my wife did but afraid to tell her. Any suggestions?

      • Marcy  June 11, 2014

        Hi Zoe that can be tricky! that is telling your wife. Proceed with caution and start with light hinting! I will post an article soon with more tips!

        • Zoe  June 12, 2014

          I can’t wait. I dress for a friend when wife out or when I visit him. Would like to have her involved in my passion for dressing.

      • joana  October 16, 2014

        I am a wife of a cross dresser. He expressed it to me since we met. one day I was waiting for him on the bed and he took longer to come to the room. When he arrived he was using one of my dresses. I got turned on and we never stoped any more. I love her even more than i love him.

  2. Gina  March 2, 2014

    Hi Marcy,
    Great article and yes, I do relate to much of it.
    For me these days it’s a little easier due to the acceptance of men in the lingerie department.
    I always make sure I am wearing my wedding ring and there is always a special day such as, a birthday or anniversary, in case I need help with something.

    Another thing I do is make up a list….

    What I do is write a few things down on a piece of paper or in a pocket size note pad.
    As I approach, say in this case sexy, silk panties, I pretend to be looking at the list to “check for her size” as I sort through the sexy panties or whatever else I’m looking at…..never getting much of a second look from anyone.
    When I get to the checkout counter, I will pull out the “list” again to “double check the sizes” always making sure my ring is in full display…pretty seamless actually.

    At the end of the day Marcy I don’t really think, especially these days, that anyone really cares what I am buying or for who.
    I think we are caught up in our own little “fantasies” of guilt thinking “OMG someone is watching me” or ” what are people thinking about what I’m doing”
    These days with all the openness and busy lives people lead, I just don’t think they have much time or inclination to care and quite frankly I care less and less if they do!

    I do remember the early days too.
    My first wife didn’t know I dressed and I remember renting a PO Box to have my first high heels sent to me from Michael Salem’s (are they still around?).
    Yup, the internet has made it all much easier and having a wife who knows I dress certainly doesn’t hurt, since I can go shopping with or without her and get what I need!

    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to your articles.

    – Gina!!

  3. Emily Garcia  March 2, 2014

    You look wonderful..I am happy for you, you are very looking….

  4. Terry  June 4, 2014

    Girl you look amazing!!! Love your outfit’s I enjoyed your story love!

  5. Zoe  June 4, 2014

    Beautiful I love to dress but wife does not know I envy you. I have a friend and we dress for each other, but would love for my wife to approve. Any duggestions

  6. Renee Janel  June 8, 2014

    Great story!! It is always nice to hear success in acceptance of crossdressers.

  7. lori  January 31, 2015

    Girl you look amazing!!! Love your outfit’s I enjoyed your story love!


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