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Lexi’s Crossdressing Diaries – Part 2

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Now here is part 2 of Lexi’s real life crossdressing adventures.

As all of you may have had the wonderful chance to read my first coming out story where I started telling you about how I came to terms with my sexuality and my taking to dressing up in my mother heels and makeup.

After a few months of playing dressing and wearing my mother’s makeup and heel’s late at night or while she would be at work I decided to let even more people know about my fun times where I would be able to dress, mind you my friend was very supportive of me during this whole time witch I think helped me out when it came to telling others about it.

To my surprise there were a few of them that would ask me when they could see me dressed up for them, so of course I loved all the attention so I would invite them over to my home for a sleep over and get all dressed up for them.

By this point my mother was starting to find out and did not mind that I enjoyed dressing up allot but she would tell me all the time not to use her stuff. During one of lexi crossdressing at homeher paid vacations that she would get from work, she would take me up to Vancouver, B.C. and oh boy did we shop.

She would take me to the malls and some amazing wig shops within the city and buy me such things as lingerie, my own makeup to use and a few very pretty wigs, and we would come back home and I would feel so happy that I had a very understanding mother that would take the time to build me a crossdresser wardrobe anyone would be proud to own.

lexi crossdressing at the pool hallTo this day she is still surprising me with clothes, sexy lingerie along with many other things. This last Christmas she got me a pair of diamond earnings that I love to wear when I go out some place nice to eat or a club at in Seattle, WA area.

During this time when I me and my mom would get home from our shopping trips I would surprise all my friends. They always liked to see me dress up for them. I would invite them over different days of the week and always have something yummy and tasteful for them to see me in.

They really were loving it and oh my god how we would have allot of fun times together though some of them where still private about it, when it came to telling their other friends or girlfriends.

Once I reached high school, this is where the fun really started.  It opened the doors to a lot of experiences and the girls seemed to really love it as I remember.

I was still shy about going to school as a girl although now I wish I had done it. Back then I was still way too young to really understand how society would react, thinking that I would’ve been made fun of or been bullied for crossdressing to school.

Although I was bullied even though I was just your normal sissy or shy crossdresser shall we say,  during that time I would still bring home boys and still go on shopping trips with mom. While mom was making plans to go to Vegas, I was getting all the dick I could and loving every minute of it.

In the back of my mind was would wonder what life would be like for me in Nevada,  but boy was I surprised when I got there.

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Hi, I’m Marcy Simpson, the founder and creator of Crossdresser Society. I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and I am also an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the feminine realm. I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California.


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