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Is Bruce Jenner a Crossdresser?

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Bruce Jenner: Champion Crossdresser?

Bruce Jenner crossdresser story as posted in StarPulse.com ?

It’s just as well he lives with a houseful of women, because apparently reality TV dad Bruce Jenner has a thing for women’s clothing and is a crossdresser! Allegedly, of course.

There are perks to living in a house filled with estrogen: An uncanny knowledge about chick flicks, immaculate closets… unlimited access to the contents of those immaculate closets.

The woman behind the sensational claim that Khloe Kardashian is actually the illegitimate product of her mother’s extramarital dalliances has revealed that Kris Jenner’s second husband  former Olympian Bruce Jenner  is a secret crossdresser.

Yep, Ellen Kardashian — the widow of O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney Robert Kardashian — is alleging that the Kardashian step-pop has a secret collection of wigs, dresses, high heels and lacy lingerie that he routinely prances around in for kicks.

In an explosive chat with Star magazine, Ellen, 63, says she first learned of Bruce’s penchant for crossdressing while having drinks with his ex-wife, Chrystie.

Bruce Jenner crossdresser photoIn a scoop featured on the pages of Star’s Jan. 16 issue, the tabloid writes:

“‘Of course Bruce was every woman’s heartthrob when he was that age, right?’ Ellen had asked Chrystie. But Chrystie said, ‘Yeah, until I went on a trip and I came back and he had gone through all my clothes. And I found my bras… He’d clip them together and wear them. I couldn’t live with that,’ she confessed.”

Chrystie divorced Bruce soon after discovering his alleged secret. The swimming champion married the former Kristen Kardashian in 1990. And the second wife was more than accepting of her husband’s unusual hobby.

Were her daughters with Robert as accepting? Well, not really…

Ellen recalls the time Khloe discovered her step dad’s stash of “wigs and size 13 heels.”

“Khloe called her dad and she was very upset, crying and screaming about it… Robert did confirm to Khloe that those were not her mother’s clothing and that they belonged to Bruce. ”

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Hi, I’m Marcy Simpson, the founder and creator of Crossdresser Society. I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and I am also an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the feminine realm. I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California.


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  4. Samantha Jane  June 5, 2015

    HI all,
    To be honest, I have not been paying much attention to Jenner’s story, and now that she transitioned, I felt that I had to share my thoughts, after everyone jumped on the bandwagon to say how proud they were of her. One thing that really bothered me about her transition is how late in life it occurred, after already having children, so I found it very odd. Also, being involved with the Kardashians I’m sure had something to do with her change, as there is a lot of feminization hypnosis out there, especially from Hollywood, so who knows if they did anything to her head, but living with so many attractive women who have fame and power could be a factor. Now, I also was bothered by how high profile her transition had to be, why show off in front of everyone, as if she is flaunting her change, not to mention, how expensive it can be for regular people like us, so it makes it wrong to show off even more. After reading some reactions to my thoughts, I learned that Jenner made the complete transition to female, so I do not feel that she represents our community anymore as Trans or crossdressers. I am happy for her to make this transition if this is what she truly wants, but you don’t have to show off in front of everyone, and she is more female now.


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