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Feminized by My Mother – Part 2

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This is part 2 of my story about how my mom feminized me!

“No Thomas, you wouldn’t want her anyway.”

“I don’t know she seems like a fine lady. You could use a father figure in your life anyway.” That actually made me smiles a little.

“Yeah well, I think she’d make you into the maternal parent.”

“Hey man, I like the strong willed bitches.” Thomas said.

After he left it was dinner time and I was starving. I exchanged some texts with Jen and tried to put off leaving my room, but there was no getting around it, I had to go out eventually. My mom was sitting at the table.

“I made some stew,” she said, “It’s in the crockpot.”

“Well you’re just the fucking mom of the year aren’t you? Except you’re a guy!”

“Son,” She began, “I know that you are… upset. Just give me a chance to explain.”

sisy boy in bra“Oh you don’t need to explain mom. It’s pretty clear. You are a fairy, a sissy faggot that pretends to be a woman.”

Tears were forming in my mother’s eyes again. “Charles. I know I lied to you about some things I just; I didn’t want anyone to know because when I was growing up I got bullied for being so girly and after the change I encountered even more people who looked down on me. I didn’t want you to have to be the boy with a transgender parent.”

“Who the fuck is my real mother then? Who the hell are you to me?”

“I’m your biological father Charles. The story I told you was true, just reverse. Your mother left us shortly after you were born. I have never seen her since.”

I looked at her, angry and dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say, except that I hated her. “You’re a freak.” I told her.

“Baby, please don’t say things like that.” She sobbed.

“Oh go use your tears to jerk somebody off with.” I looked at my stew and ate in angry silence while my mom cried.

She should have just left me alone the dumb bitch, but she insisted. An hour after I ate she approached me as I sat on the couch watching TV.

“Charlie?” She started, but I stood up to walk off.

She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to her, hugging me. As I stood there with her crying on my shoulder I imagined her cock pressing against my leg.

“Get off me!” I yelled and shoved her roughly back. I moved to slap her again and she grabbed my wrist, then she SQUEEZED. “Ah fuck!” I yelped.

I looked in her eyes and saw the sadness leaking out of them. In its place a rage was building up, her features twisting into a snarl. “Don’t you dare hit me again you ungrateful bastard!” Then she slapped me, HARD. I fell to the couch on my back and shielded my face with my hands.

“After everything I have done for you! You have no right to treat me like this! All my life I’ve had to take shit from assholes calling me a faggot and now my own son! You’re going to learn some respect!”

Then she started manhandling me like a doll, I twisted around and tried to shove her away and she slapped me again. I tried to bolt but she just pulled me back and threw me on the couch. I was a small man but being overpowered by my own mother, who from all appearances was a slim woman, was humiliating. I gave in for a moment, just letting her do whatever she was doing, and before I knew it was pulling off my boxers. That’s when I realized her intent.

“No! Mom stop!”

“Shut up! We are going to see who the fairy is you puny dicked bitch.”

I tried to fight back and she decided she was done struggling with me. She bitch slapped me once, twice, three times and I became dazed, falling back onto the couch. I lay there dazed and scared, too scared to resist any more.

My mother smiled down at me as she undressed. I watched helplessly as her tits fell out. I have fantasized about sucking them so many times, but I hadn’t know about the piece of meat hanging between her legs, I got a good look at it now as she stroked it, licking her lips and eyeing me up and down.

“What a sexy figure you have son, or should I say daughter? I think I’ll make you into a daughter, I always wanted a little girl.” She put her hands on my chest and messaged me. “Such soft skin, not much hair…very nice.”

She pressed her hips forward so that her hard cock rubbed over my limp dick. She leaned forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth, my nipples that were so sensitive. I didn’t want to get hard, I willed myself not to. I wasn’t a fag like her, but certain stimulus can’t be denied no matter how horrifying, and her hot lips pushed the right buttons on my chest, lapping at my nipples and biting them gently… at first. After a moment she started biting me really hard and I whimpered under the assault.

She looked up at me, “Get used to it girl, girls like us end up on the receiving end of a lot of pain. Ahh, but I see that made you hard hmm? Is your little weenie hot for mommie?”

I sobbed as I felt her grinding her cock against mine, “Mom, please! I’m sorry think about this for a minute I’m your son!”

boys-will-be-girls-05“Daughter,” She corrected me, “You’re my daughter. What’s more you’re a nasty little girl aren’t you? You need a good fucking to straighten you out.”

“God no!” I cried as my shemale mom licked my chest and I felt her leaking precum on my dick, which caused her dry fucking of me to become slippery. Then she pulled back, was she coming to her senses? I tried to push myself up, but then her weight was on me, she sat on my chest!

I looked down in terror at her cock and she slid her ass forward. Her balls pressed right up on my chin and her dick lay across my face.

“Get a good look at your mom’s cock. Do you like how it smells, I know you do. You think I don’t know when my panties have been rummaged through you naughty little girl.” She rubbed her dick around my face.

I tried to think of something to say, something to do to stop her. I had to let her know I didn’t want this. But that didn’t matter. She knew I didn’t want this; she was punishing me. I now represented all the people who had sneered at her and she was taking out her anger at everyone who had hurt her. All my life she had played the perfect mom (except for a few quirks) and her son had told her she wasn’t good enough to be his mother. I realized the full extent of my mistake too late.

My only hope, I decided, was to ride out my punishment and make amends when she calmed down. Maybe she wouldn’t even take this too far. Yes, she would probably stop at some humiliation, she had made her point after all, and she wasn’t REALLY going to fuck me.

“Smell my nuts baby!” My mother said. She pushed her nuts up to my nose and rubbed them around my mouth. Her voice was quiet when she ordered me, “Open that sissy mouth.” Though she had pubic hair still over her cock I saw she groomed it and had completely shaved her nuts, this was one small thing to be thankful for as I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, she lowered her sack in.

“Worship my balls you little cunt!” She screamed at me. I did as she said, hoping to placate her. I sucked her balls and rubbed them with my tongue. I had no idea what exactly to do, but she wasn’t picky. My mom made girlish cooing noises as I licked her nuts, my mouth full of their taste.

“Oh I could have you lick me like that for hours but I bet my little whore wants the main dish doesn’t she?” She pulled her balls from between my lips and they dragged over my chin before swinging free, her cock running down my face. I stared at the crown of her cock up close, and saw its leaking tip go under my nose. My pan to be complacent couldn’t overcome my natural reaction to close my eyes and turn away.

“Oh come on baby don’t be scared. This is the cock that made you; your momma’s cock is your daddy isn’t it? Show daddy how much you love him hmm?” She grabbed my hair and twisted my head to her hot tool.

“No! Mom, UUMMPHFF! GAWK! GAH! GHARK! HUH!” I gaged and coughed around her rod as it shot into my mouth when I protested, my eyes looked up pleading for mercy but there was only lust and malice in my mother’s eyes. She started humping my face slowly; I felt every vein and ridge of her cock as it pushed against the back of my throat. I had been intrigued before when I touched myself by how my dick was so soft to the touch, but so hard inside. Now it didn’t seem intriguing at all to feel the sensations of a member in a different way.

I felt my body quake as tears slid down my cheeks. My mom pulled her cock out and slapped it on my face. The horrible smacking noise of a cock beating my face filled my ears, and my mother’s voice,

“Stick out your tongue sissy, come on!” I did as she said and she slapped the dick on my tongue repeatedly, then she rubbed her dick up and down it before pushing back in.

“Let’s see how your deep throating skills are.” I shook my head no and my mom just smiled and shook her head yes as she pulled my head back with her hair and raised herself up, before plunging her cock down. I screamed with a mouthful of cock as she forced herself into my throat and fucked it raw. Tears were steaming down my face and I struggled to take in air but my mother just looked down at me with lust in her eyes as I felt her cock pulse in my mouth. My mom pulled out suddenly and I inhaled wonderful air. I coughed as she pulled me up by the arm and shoved me.

“Let’s go to bed baby.” She said.

I stumbled toward her room but she made it even harder. She shoved me onto the floor. “Crawl bitch!” And I did, I crawled to the bedroom with her slapping my ass along the way.

When we got there she pushed me on my back and slid over my body, she was between my legs, which began shaking, much as they had when I was with Jennifer the first time.

“Awww, such a sweet nervous little virgin.” My mother laughed. She leaned over me and reached under the pillow next to my head, her hand came out with a jar of KY. ‘She is really gonna do it!’ I thought, ‘She isn’t messing around! I’m about to be ass fucked by a tranny!’ I closed my eyes and tried to shut out what was happening.

“Look at it.” My mother’s voice said quietly. “Look at the fucking cock that is about to fuck you.”

I opened my eyes and saw her stroking herself, lube dripping from her fingers. She took a deep breath, her tits heaving as her hooked my legs under her arms. She was so soft… but so strong. She gripped me firmly and pushed my knees up, presenting my virgin asshole for her inspection.

“What a cute little pussy you have! It looks delicious between your fat ass cheeks. That tiny cock of yours is precious looking bouncing around all hard too!” Then I felt it, her cock head on my anus.

“Mom,” I pleaded. “I’m sorry! I’ve learned my lesson, please stop.”

“Oh baby you make me think you don’t want a good fucking. Why are you such a tease? I guess you just get off on taking it rough, huh?” With that she started pushing forward, the head of her cock working against the muscles in my ass.

I begged up to the last second for mercy, “MOM! NO! God stop please it hurts! NO!”

Her cock tore into my virgin asshole and it sank what felt like a foot into me. But that was just the sudden pain tricking me; it was only about two inches I quickly realized as my mom’s hips moved forward, pushing more and more of her rod into my violated body. She couldn’t get all the way down with one push it seemed, and she pulled back until just the tip was in. I sobbed as she resumed her forward march, conquering my tight ass. In and out she went, hitting deeper spots each thrust until I felt her balls slapping my butt cheeks.

“It hurts, Mom it hurts…” I broke down, the pain destroyed my will to maintain my distance from what was happening, suddenly I felt like a frightened small child, and I needed my mommy. I reached for her, arms outstretched and she smiled sweetly, pulling me to her chest. We lay in what I guess is the missionary position, I’m not sure if they call it that when it’s gay sex, but whatever. I cried in her arms and she whispered in my ear, but she didn’t stop. She held me to her breast as she fucked me, a slow steady rhythm as my legs trembled and my ass ached.

It got even worse when the pleasure started. When I got hard from having my nipples played with that was one thing, it made sense. But now, as my dick rose to life against my mother’s belly I thought, ‘No, no, no, what the fuck? I can’t like getting it in the ass, I’m no fag!’

I whimpered into my mom’s tits and she stroked my hair soothingly as my tears turned to gasp. Pleasure was radiating from inside my rectum up through my cock and balls. With each thrust my ass glowed and my cock pulsed.

“You like it in the ass don’t you baby?” She whispered in my ear.

“N-no…” I lied.

“Like mother like daughter.” She chuckled.

I beat my fist weakly on her back as she pumped into me. “Your ass is so tight baby!” she moaned.

“You sick bitch… damn you…” I held her tight against me, feeling the need to cum overwhelming my sense, disgusting me, driving me wild. My head was spinning and suddenly I was making horrible embarrassing sounds like a girl getting fucked. My mother laughed at me, and I came. My dick twitched and sprayed onto our bellies and chest, the cum rubbed between us as my mom quickened her pace.

“I didn’t even touch you and you spurted! You came from being FUCKED. Who is the fag now huh?”

I stayed silent recovering my breath, wanting to deny her words, but it was like she said, I came from her fucking me, like a girl.

“Oh my sweet little girl, where do you want me to cum?” She asked.

“What?” I responded, suddenly ashamed again. My horniness vanished after I came, and I was horrified at my own reactions.

“Tell momma where you want this cum babe? Your throat, I vote your throat.”

“NO!” I screamed, I couldn’t drink cum, I just couldn’t!

“Well then ask me to cum somewhere and I will.”

“Ugh, mom, ugh… my ass, just shoot it in my ass.”

“My little bitch wants my seed in her ass?” My mother teased.

I needed her to cum so this could end. “YES! CUM IN MY ASS! JUST CUM PLEASE!”

My mother grunted and fucked me hard, and I felt it, god I felt it happen but I didn’t want to. Her cock pulsed and she shook, burying herself deep and emptying her balls inside me.

Afterwards she rolled off me and I curled into a ball. She got up and went to the shower, I lay there listening to the water and thinking about what had just happened. What could I do? What would she do now? ‘We could go on like this didn’t happen,’ I thought. I had freaked out and then so had she. It happens, people get in domestic squabbles. I’ll apologize, and then she will… tomorrow when it’s daylight and all this seems crazy.

After she got out she told me to get in, which I wanted to badly. I had cum in my ass and on my chest, and my face smelled like her balls. I scrubbed hard. When I came out I walked toward the door and she grabbed my hand.

“Sleep with me.” She said.

‘What the fuck,’ I thought, ‘Maybe she just wants to hold me and reassure me now.’ She was probably feeling as ashamed as I was now that she had cum. I lay in the bed and she pulled me to her chest, pushing her breast to my face and rubbing the back of my head.

“Is my little girl okay?” She asked.

“You raped me mom.” I replied.

“You needed a good fucking to set you straight. Ha, straight.”

You remember how I said I was doing okay? Well that was a lie. I stayed silent and we fell asleep. Little did I know this was just the beginning. Excuse me, I need a minute.


Listen your cool with me but don’t tell anybody about last night if you wanna keep hearing this story, that shit isn’t something I want spread around. Anyway this is where I’m at now: My mother was up before me the next morning. She was finishing breakfast when I sat down at the table and noticed the soreness in my ass was still there.

“Good morning, dear.” She said.

I figured I’d play it cool, just relax and go about things normally. Maybe we would handle it but sweeping it under the rug.

“Morning Mom.” I replied.

She sat a plate of breakfast in front of me; bacon, eggs, and a pancake. She looked cheerful and ate while brushing her long hair. Mine was a mess, I had to brush as well, but first I ate. My mom finished her breakfast first and said,

“Here I’ll do you.”

She stood behind me and brushed at my hair while I ate, something she used to do a lot when I was little. “Such pretty hair.” She said.

“I’m gonna go call Jennifer.” I said, standing.

“Oh I’ve already been texting her baby, she knows you are gonna be busy today.”

“What? With my phone or yours, what did you say?” I hoped she hadn’t told her anything about what had happened.

“Your phone of course! If I told her she would just bother you to repeat it to her.”

“What exactly am I going to be busy with?” I said in a worried voice.

“We are having a mother daughter bonding day! It’s time you learned more about me don’t you think? You should come with me when I go out tonight; you realize I go out on the gay scene right?”

I was bothered that she called me daughter again, but I figured a cruel jape was nothing if she wanted to make amends, and while I was worried about hanging around her in whatever weird environment she lived in that she wanted to teach me about (what the fuck does the gay scene mean anyway) we would probably have to spend some time together to get fully over the shock of what she was and what she had done to me.

“Okay, but I’m a boy Mom, not a girl.”

“Well honey of course you are… that said it might be best for you to get dressed up as a girl.”

“What? How the fuck would that be best?” I asked.

“Well if you go out to a gay club dress normal people will think your gay and come onto you, or somebody you know might recognize you.”

The last part swayed me; I didn’t want anyone I knew to see me going to a gay club. I also thought that if I looked feminine enough some drunken lesbians might come onto me. Plus dressing up like mom might make her think that I was at peace with her being a tranny, although I still wasn’t. It isn’t so easy to find out your mother has a cock.

“Okay Mom, but no queer stuff.”

“Of course baby.” She said and kissed me on the cheek, which she always did but it was a little gay now that I knew the truth about her… I’ll let it slide.

She took me up to her room and told me to undress. I wasn’t entirely comfortable but I figured if she was going to dress me up I had to. I was reminded of her calling me a “puny dicked bitch” the night before. Which did she really think, I wondered, her reassuring words from breakfast or the insults after dinner?

She looked me up and down, “Well first we have to get rid of this fuzz.”

She took me into the shower and had me get in, after a few minutes she pulled me out and dried me off, then started rubbing some foul smelling cream around my body.

“What is this shit?” I asked.

“It’s hair remover.” She answered.

“Mom I don’t want to be, like, uh, that!”

“Are you sure baby? You know girls love smooth guys.” She said smiling.

“Really?” I was suspicious.

“Haven’t you seen those body builders? How often do you think they get laid? Did you notice that they are mostly clean shaven all over their body?”

I nodded, that made sense. You never saw hairy ass dudes modeling or anything did you?

She got a buzzer and buzzed off my pubic hair too. By the time I complained it was too late, half was gone and she might as well finish. I tried not to get hard when she rubbed shaving cream on my ass and crotch and the razor slid so close to my sore ass hole. When she shaved my balls though that was hopeless. I was hard and my mom’s face was inches from my dick.

‘If she tries anything I’m going to fight.’ I thought.

But she didn’t, she just shaved my crotch and then my armpits and after that grabbed a towel which she rubbed over my body. The hair just pulled right off with no fuss or discomfort. That cream was pretty amazing stuff actually. As for facial hair well, I haven’t got much yet, it’s mostly like peach fuzz, but maybe I’m a late bloomer in that department, some people don’t really need to shave much until their college years… She let me shave my own face though to get it perfect.


About the Author:

Hi, I’m Marcy Simpson, the founder and creator of Crossdresser Society. I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and I am also an author, photographer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the feminine realm. I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California.


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