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Revealing all about transforming a male into a beautiful and sexy female.

Male Feminization Part 3 Marcy Reveals The Secret

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Marcy finally reveals the breast development secret

Discover all about my 5 month breast development experiment

In my last part 2 of this article series about breast development for crossdressers and men I revealed how I almost suddenly developed an urge to grow my own breasts naturally.

My quest led me in many directions and then one night I stumbled upon this  the mysterious herb that finally could bring my dream to reality.

This seemingly  magical herb from Asia ...

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Male Feminization Part 2

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Marcy’s own journey to grow real breasts naturally

This is part 2 of my earlier post about male feminization. Here I reveal my obsession with attaining my own feminine breasts and how I did it.

Discover how I underwent female puberty in my early forties, as a crossdresser.

I have been a cross-dresser for many years and my cross-dressing like most other crossdressers has gone to several stages of evolution since the early years as a young boy.
Even though I have gone ...

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Male Feminization Part 1

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How you can create a more feminine look thru feminization

Male feminization is a term that refers to the process of a male becoming feminized through changing their physical image.

In this article Marcy discusses some male feminization steps that can be used to create a more convincing feminine image when it comes to crossdressing!

This can mean wearing women’s clothing, putting on makeup, using mannerisms that are more on the feminine side and in some cases, taking female hormones to ...

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Male to Female Transformation

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A little introduction to how male to female transformation takes place!

For a transgendered person, transforming into the gender with which they feel most comfortable with is, many times, essential to lifelong happiness.

A transgendered woman is one that was born male but feels as if “she” is really a woman. In a case such as this, the transgendered person reaches a point in their life where they wish to make the transformation from male to female. Often times this ...

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Gender Reassignment Surgery Explained

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Gender reassignment surgery, more commonly known as a sex change, is a procedure in which a person surgically changes their outside gender.

This article will disclose the facts about gender reassignment surgery, how it is performed as well as the 2 common types of procedures.

There is also a video illustrating how gender reassignment surgery is performed in a hospital. The video is graphic!

People choose to have gender reassignment surgery for many reasons and the choice ...

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