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Deidra Reveals Her Crossdressing Desires

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Deidra Gets to Enjoy Crossdressing at last!

I am 72 about 5′ 6″ with blue eyes and gray hair (it was once black).  For almost my entire life I wanted to try crossdressing but I was always afraid of getting caught & being the target of scorn.

I have been crossdressing for 3 years as part of my “bucket list”.   I have done several benefits for families of sick & injured children and plan to do more.  My only regret is that ...

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Lexi’s Crossdressing Diaries – Part 2

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Now here is part 2 of Lexi’s real life crossdressing adventures.

As all of you may have had the wonderful chance to read my first coming out story where I started telling you about how I came to terms with my sexuality and my taking to dressing up in my mother heels and makeup.

After a few months of playing dressing and wearing my mother’s makeup and heel’s late at night or while she would be at work I decided to let ...

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Lexi Reveals Her Crossdressing Coming Out

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Lexi’s story of growing up as a crossdresser

Dancing around the house and dreaming of one day being a Pretty Princess…

I was born in Kirkland,Washington and started discovering my femme side way before my teen years I was about 7 or 8 when I started trying on my mother makeup and heels dancing around the house and dreaming of one day being a Pretty Princess in this World. As I got older around 10 or 11 I was in elementary school ...

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Kara Comes Out to the World!

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Kara comes out to the world!

Kara’s Crossdressing Story

I have only been cross dressing since about January. What got me started I had joined twitter a months before. I started following women selling used panties, even bought some. One day I just decided to try a pair on and they fit! After that I started buying panties and even was brave enough to go in Victoria secrets and bought some thighs and a baby doll. And when I found out they ...

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