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Ultra Realistic Breast Forms

At last…breast forms that look and feel as real as having real breasts!

This product is perfect for anyone desiring to emulate the look and feel of natural breasts. Whether you’re a crossdresser, a transgender individual, or a woman looking for fuller breasts, finally there is a solution!

breast forms finish options

real breast forms close up image

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Real Breast is a line of ultra realistic wearable breast forms available in multiple sizes and 5 standard skin tones: fair, light tan, medium, tan and cocoa. These colors encompass most natural skin tones. In addition, you may custom blend the silicone color with your skin using blushes and/or foundation make up powders, or alcohol based body inks.

Do you have a particular size or color in mind? Would you like to customize your order? I would love to help you. Are you unsure of your needs? I can send you a sample color kit, ensuring the breast forms match the color of your skin exactly. In addition, we can airbrush your breast forms for an enhanced look. We airbrush freckles, veins, nipples, and other subtleties, facilitating the look of real breasts.

I know you’ll be exceedingly pleased with these ultimate real breast forms.

Breast Form Material

These breast forms prosthesis products feel remarkably lifelike, especially once they have absorbed the wearer’s body temperature. With this products it is possible to create illusions that before now were impossible, to live out fantasies that once were unobtainable.

REAL BREASTS are available is both individual breasts and a one-piece big breast forms, including both breasts in one product. The individual breasts are advised for novice clients and for those who desire more control over the placement of each breast on the chest.

The one piece prosthesis, while requiring more skill to apply, creates a more seamless illusion and is advised for use with low cut tops and to create the illusion of cleavage.

real breasts illustration

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Real Breasts Can be Totally Customized for You

real breast forms photo sample

Custom finishes can be added to match your exact skin tone and other features like veins, freckles, and nipple size, color and texture.

breast forms sample kit image

This custom skin tone selector sample allows you to match the breast forms to your skin tone by sending in a photo of the closest matching sample against your skin. The manufacturer will use your photo to create your own set of custom real breast forms.


You Can customize Your Skin Tone Texture (optional)

real breast forms custom options

The custom airbrush option includes hand applied skin tone and texture variations, subtle washes of layered color on both breast and nipple, airbrushed veins (very subtle!), and freckles and/or moles IF DESIRED.

Basic – Airbrushing for subtle skintone changes for a more natural skin texture.

Standard – Airbrushing for subtle skintone changes for a more natural skin texture. Some veins, freckles and moles for a realistic appearance.

Freckles – Various freckles and moles for a more realistic appearance.

Veins – Veins are carefully painted in to the lower layers of the skin for the most natural, realistic appearance.

Special Requests – You can add “Special Requests” to your order at the bottom for the manufacturer to create your custom skintone texture.


Real Breasts Sizes Available

Real breast are available in 4 sizes ranging from A cup to D cup which are designated in number sizes from 1 to 4.

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real breast A cup

Real Breast – Size 1 ( Approx. A-cup)

Weight – 115 grams

Nipple to Bottom – 2 5/8″

Top To Bottom – 5″

Side to Side – 6 1/4″

Protrusion Size – 4 1/4 inches

real breast forms B cup

Real Breast – Size 2 (approx. B cup)

Weight – 199 grams

Nipple to Bottom – 2 1/2″

Top To Bottom – 5 1/2″

Side to Side – 7 1/4″

Protrusion Size – 5 inches

real breast forms C cup

Real Breast – Size 3 (approx. C cup)

Weight – 409 grams

Nipple to Bottom – 3 3/4″

Top To Bottom – 8″

Side to Side – 9 3/4″

Protrusion Size – 7 3/4 inches

real breast forms D cup

Real Breast – Size 4 (approx. D cup)(+$100.00)

Weight – 1031 grams

Nipple to Bottom – 5″

Top To Bottom – 9 1/2″

Side to Side – 12 1/2″

Protrusion Size – 10 inches


Standard Skin Tones Available

Below are the standard options for skins tones when ordering. You can order the skin tone kit above to match the breast forms to your exact skin tone. The cost of the kit is refundable towards your order of the real breast forms.

breast forms skin tones options


Real Breast Forms Vanishing Edge Options

Click on image to see larger version

real breast forms thin edge photo

Thin – Maximum blend with skin, but must be careful to not damage during application and removal process.

real breast forms thick edge photo

Thick – Easier to work with, more durable.


Real Breast Forms Nipple Color customization Options

breast forms nipple color options photo


Real Breast Forms Nipple Texture customization Options

breast forms nipple options photo


 A Standard Care Kit is Included with Your Order of Real Breast Forms

A standard care kit is included in the price of your breast forms order. A deluxe kit which included a can of Hollister Medical Adhesive spray to be used to attach the breast forms to your chest.

breast forms standard care kit photo

The Standard Care Kit includes medical adhesive, skin prep wipes (helps adhesion and protects skin), adhesive remover and adhesive remover wipes.


The Deluxe Care Kit includes all the items of the regular care kit + medical grade Hollister adhesive/remover spray. This product is recommended for size 3/4.

Add $49.00.

How Much do Real Breast Forms Cost?

The standard Real Breast Forms retails for $699.00. (applicable taxes extra if you order within California)

This includes a standard care kit with your order. Your own Real Breast will take between 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered in a discreet cardboard box because they are custom made at the time of order.

Shipping within the Unites States is included with your order. Please contact me below if you are outside the US so I can give you the best shipping rates possible.

If you would like to find out more about ordering Real Breasts contact me (Marcy) using the form below and I contact you via email with all the details and how to proceed with payment via secure paypal.

I will have a shopping card in the near future however at this time contact me if you would like to order and I will be in happy to assist in processing your order.

Order Your Breast Forms Discreetly Here

Your credit card will be billed under the name “NeostarMar” and will be processed through PAYPAL.



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