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Body Shaping and Contouring for Crossdressers

Crossdressers love to dress up in women’s clothing in order to appear feminine and getting the right curves in the right places is a must for the ultra crossdresser.

Most crossdressers were not blessed with the hour glass figure and therefore using body shaping garments is a given if you want to really look like a real genetic lady.

Women naturally have wider hips and fuller butts, given them a natural curvy look. Their shoulder also tend to be narrower than men.

I have selected some of the most common body shaping products for crossdressers that will really transform your male  figure into curvy and super sexy feminine one.

I am recommending Pierre Silber because most of their body shaping products are very affordable and also specially made for a mans body.


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Details at a glace…

Merchant offers more styles than shown here so please visit the site using the “Shop Now” button.

This merchant has a 10 day return policy. You may return merchandise for a refund or exchange.

Merchant is located in California, in the Santa Clara area.

Ships to: United States, Canada and Worldwide

Processing Time: Around 48 hours.

Processing Time refers the time needed for the preparation of order item(s) before shipping.

Shipping Time: Around 3-15 Working Days

Standard: USPS Priority mail or UPS ground shipping. Rates start at $6.99 and vary by weight and geographical area. Visit merchants site for actual shipping costs.

Rush Shipping: Only available within the US. Please visit site for rush shipping costs.

Overall price range: $50 to $80 for most shoes.

Pricing for most items on this page range between $10 and $50 which make these body shaping items a great addition to your crossdresser closet.

The quality of the products is great and the service very good combined with a great returns policy.

Overall I give this merchant a excellent grade for selection,  service and value.

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