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Budget Friendly Breast Forms

Here I feature a full selection of breast forms that will fit everyone’s budget and body shape.

Breasts forms come in many shapes, styles and qualities, as well as price ranges. Here you will find good quality breast forms that ideal for every crossdresser who wants to create cleavage without spending too much.

Everyone wants to look great in their clothes, and wearing the right undergarments can make all the difference in how an outer garment looks and fits. Different prosthesis styles will fit differently in different style bras. Therefore, the most important things before choosing a breast prosthesis are to fit the right bra size and choose the right bra style.
Today breast forms are made out of silicone and mimic the realistic look and feel of real breasts.
Some of the higher end sets can also be attached to your body and worn without a bra.

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Complete Transformation Kits for Crossdressers

These kits take the guess work out of what to wear for the first time. A great price for the value and easy for those who shop online or don’t have the time to be fit. You specify sizing on each piece for that individualized fit. Available in four prepackaged sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge. Gaff corresponds to the same sizes in small, medium, large, and X large. Comes in carrying bag for convenience and storage.

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Details at a glace…

All products shown here are small sample of what is available on the Pierre Silber’s site. For over 25 years, Pierre Silber located in San Francisco, and Santa Clara, has been providing quality shoes, lingerie, breast forms and other services to the CD and TS communities. Pierre is the best satisfying his customers and I highly recommend his products and services. Returns accepted within 10 days of receiving merchandise.

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Ships to: All 50 States, Canada, and Europe.
Processing Time: 48 Hours
Processing Time refers the time needed for the preparation of order item(s) before shipping.

Shipping Time: 3-30 days depending where you are.
Standard: USPS 5-10 Days, US$7 to $16 depending on your location and weight of order.
Expedited: UPS Next Day Air, USPS 3-5 Days.
Check merchants site for full shipping costs and tracking details.

Most prices range from $16 to $100. On the higher end, around $300 for full transformation kits.
Overall very competitive pricing.
I like Pierre Silber’s products and service hence why I am recommending his products to you. This merchant offer vast selection at good prices and is very experienced catering to crossdressers which a a big plus.
Overall I give this merchant a excellent grade for service and value.

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Transform Breast Forms and Bra Fitting Videos

Below are a series of very educational videos every crossdresser should watch. The videos are professionally done by TG Transform, a leading manufacturer of products for transgender and crossdressing individuals.

Introduction to Breast Forms

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Choosing a Breast Form

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Choosing a Bra

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Fitting a Bra

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Wear and Care

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