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Welcome to Marcy’s crossdresser closet.

Here I will reveal to you some of my little closet secrets. You see, I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years and like most women I love to shop for new sexy outfits all the time.

For me, walking into a women’s clothing store is like the intimate high and such fun.Whenever I go shopping with my girlfriend, I can’t help but get totally envious!  I’ll be in a department store, most often as my male self, wishing that I could be trying on some clothes right along with her.

Fortunately, the internet has made shopping for crossdressers like you and me very convenient and totally discreet.

crossdressing clothing seal imageToday we can pretty much find anything thing we desire online, so over the years I have put together my own little black book of favorite online places I go to for all my girly stuff, like dresses, shoes, makeup and all the other fun stuff we girls love.

Often I get emails from other fellow crossdressers asking my for advice on where they can find women’s clothing and footwear, especially in larger sizes, so I felt compelled to share my own crossdresser closet with every one else looking for affordable, reputable online retailers that cater to folks like us.

Go through my closet and see if anything catches your eye. Feel free to let me know how do and remember, Marcy is always here to help anytime!



Dresses & More

Pretty Dresses, blouses, tops and sexy little black dresses from a online retailers that offer larger sizes up to XL and XXL. Collections from Wicked Temptations.
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Lingerie & Corsets

Lingerie is a crossdreser’s best friend, and here you will find wicked and sexy lingerie, corsets and leg wear for your next dress up or night in/out. More will be added monthly.
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High Heels & Boots

Here you will find a large selection of high heels and boots in sizes sure to fit even if you have larger feet. Sizes up to 16 in sandals, pumps and many styles of boots.

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Beauty & Makeup

Makeup is a girls best friend and that is no exception for us crossdressers. Here I have a full selection of proven makeup products like foundations, that are ideal to cover up facial imperfections and that old nasty beard shadow.
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Breast Forms

Oh Breasts…They are the admiration of countless men and for crossdressers, breasts are a total envy. Unfortunately growing our own breasts is not practical for most of us, so breasts forms are a must to complete our transformation and feel like a real lady. Here I feature various forms ranging from lower priced sets to ultra-realistic breast forms that will make you feel like you were born with real ones.
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How-To Education

For most crossdressers, the art of crossdressing is an evolution over time, sometimes decades. Learning the ways of a real woman is not always a natural step for most, so sometimes we all could use a little help. Here I showcase some of the best program that I personally have tried out to help all crossdressers and transgender women achieve a full feminine transformation.
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Body Shaping

Most women were blessed with beautiful curves, but for crossdressers, we have to create the illusion of curves. Using the right body shaping products tailored for crossdressers, is must to really create a passable female image and make us feel truly feminine inside and out.
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Beautiful Wigs

I love long beautiful flowing hair, don’t you? It makes me feel so womanly and adds the final touch that will transform your face into the female inside you, that is dying to get out. Selecting a proper wig is a must so I have selected a great place for you to have access to countless styles, and great pricing.
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