Transgender Beauty Tribute!

Making a transition from male to female is not easy and to become a transgender beauty like the gals featured here in this photo gallery take years of hard work and commitment?

This gallery is a tribute to all transgender women out there in the world. One of them could be the girl next door, perhaps your neighbor?

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  1. Robin  July 6, 2014

    I love your site it so great for cd and tg girls to look at. It has so much information to help cd girls. Thank you for the great site Robin

    • michael  October 22, 2014

      Bonsoir, Marcy……Did you get the bigger pictures?…….I hope they are what you want…..It seems like such a modest request…..after all you are doing for my confidence……Tonya and I went to a movie, and stopped at the Iridium for a while….a lot of executive type guys go there…..A small group ( sax , bass guitar, clarinet )… some two-step and slow stuff……A good place to be seen, if you can do a two-step in a tight outfit…..Tonya is a lot better than I am, but I seem to hold my own……thanks to your encouragement, Girlfriend !
      …….. I love you, Marcy…..warm hugs…..sweet kisses…….sweet dreams…..Mitchie….

  2. MAX  April 1, 2015

    can we sumbit our own pics?

  3. Darla  June 11, 2015

    Love this site


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