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marcy simpsonHi, My name is  Marcy Simpson, and I am the founder of Crossdresser Society, a website completely devoted to crossdressers and transsexuals, with the mission of helping you achieve your ideal female persona whatever that may be.

Marcy is my female counterpart and she has evolved in many wonderful ways over the last 25 years.

I must confess that I have been a crossdresser for many decades and like most of other individuals who crossdress, the road has not always marcy simpson posingbeen a straight and clear path.

I remember when I was around 5 years of age, having thoughts and desires that were not recognizable or understandable at such an early age, however what stood out was my attraction towards all things feminine. It was like my young self already knew something that was would remain unknown and a mystery to me until my late 20’s.

You see, this attraction was not sexual in any way but a fascination and attraction towards woman’s clothing, shoes and underwear especially bras.
Marcy founder of crossdresser societyOver the years my crossdressing has evolved to ever greater levels and there is always new level to reach and experience that will  bring me closer to experiencing what it really feels like to be a woman in our present world.

As you and I know, many crossdressers out there in the world have similar stories and often have no one to open up to for support and understanding.
Even though much progress has been done towards acceptance and equality, crossdressing is still largely misunderstood, and unaccepted by our society.

Having had web design and computer experience from my past endeavors, was a huge asset when I decided in early 2012 to start a website dedicate to all crossdressers around the world, offering information, support and education related to crossdressing and transgender matters.

Over the last couple of years I have had the privilege of knowing many great people online and learning from their experiences.  I am also very grateful for all the great feedback and support I receive almost daily from other crossdressers all over the world.

To my gratitude, Crossdresser Society has been a great success and a source of encouragement for me and many countless others who often find themselves at a crossroad.
I will continue to improve this site in order to better serve all crossdressers and also our transgender sisters from all over the world.

I always love to hear from you so please feel free to email me with your questions, comments or ideas to help me make Crossdresser Society an even better place for all of us.
I hope you enjoy it and come back often to partake in the always evolving Crossdresser Society.com.

Yours in crossdressing,

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  1. Clayton Vereen  May 26, 2014

    I am a man & I am taken female Hormone pills & purafem Breast pills over 7 months to grow feminine breast. I want to be feminine. clayton H. Vereen

  2. Chris Wendt  October 9, 2014

    Hi Marcy,

    I just sent you a message through LinkedIn. I’d like to talk to you about 3rd party payment processing for your site and the crossdressing community in general. To be honest, I don’t know how to connect with this community so your guidance / assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Chris Wendt / CCBill / chrisw@ccbill.com / O: 480-422-2035 / M: 480-221-3054

  3. michael  October 16, 2014

    Bon soir, Marcy….looking over your clothing line….really dazzling ! …….some of that shapewear….so light and sexy…….I will get my trainer to look at it……I’m confident, but I have to be sure of wearing it comfortably all day, happy hour, and so on…..There are some of those items that I want so badly, I may just get them….if they don’t work, I’ll try another size….just what I need….thin…..I bet they will feel so sexy….. I noticed some of them have garters attached……can’t wait ! ……..love you, Marcy !…..warm hugs….kisses…..Mitchie

  4. michael  October 16, 2014

    Bon jour, Marcy ! …….I was having trouble getting my eye make-up right……that golden smoky-eyed look is my favorite……it attracts attention……and I gaze right back….with grey contacts ……sometimes I wear lightly-framed glasses…….that saying ” Men don’t make passes…at girls that wear glasses”…….Evidently a misprint….What it should be is “Some men don’t make passes at……..” As you may already know, the men that do like them…….like a magnet ! …..I have several pairs…..different frames…..Anyway, Ginger, my friend, knew at a glance what was wrong…….couple of minutes, she had it perfect…..we treated ourselves to some of your hot galleries…….. We ran ‘Transvesti Boys’ twice…….Those guys are real eye- candy…..One with long hair, black shape-wear, and dark stockings ………..I would like to have that one gazing at me …….I would give him my hottest smouldering…….lips a little bit apart……eyes about half open…… he would climb right out of that screen…….In my dreams….. right, Marcy? gotta go….later……I think Ginger might tell you some good ones….about me…I’m OK with that…….Love you Marcy….you’re making our day…..warm hugs…kisses….Mitchie….and Ginger !

  5. michael  October 16, 2014

    Had to answer the phone, Girlfriend …….lost the screen, so I started over…..didn’t know if you lost the first message……anxious to tell you about Ginger……and ,of course, my golden smoky-eye …..
    Later, Marcy……more love….hugs….kisses……..you have no idea how my life has gotten better, Marcy……and I’ll bet a lot of other lives, also…….you are such an inspiration, Girlfriend !……I love you….kisses…..Mitchie

  6. jemmer  November 24, 2014

    i am a cross dresser since i was 4 years old, i am 54 now been doing crossdressing most of the time . now? i just don’t no what to do i won’t to be a women but i am so alone at the moment & confused. i crossdress yet i won’t to be a women?.

  7. sarav  December 19, 2014

    hello,could you please help me to be androgyne male like andrej pejic.i need all feminine things like softer and clear skin,curves.if i take female hormones i wil get breast..i need femininity without breast.help me mam

  8. Mike  December 19, 2014

    I am a middle-aged man who has recently become infatuated with feminine men and boys, transgender women, and crossdressers. I love your site. Your taste in pictures to post is exquisite. I will be visiting often. Thank you.

  9. maureen michelle  December 27, 2014

    HI Marcy:

    very glad that I ran across your website,because as a crossdresser girl it has always been comforting to know
    that there are other people out there,that have feminine feelings just like,and that are willing to express and
    enjoy being a girl out in public,and I for one I am glad that our Society is slowly coming around to accepting
    and tolerating us Girls!


    Maureen michelle

  10. IanBrianna  July 30, 2015

    Hi Marcy,

    I’m having fun with a new product: ‘Super-Primal Human Female Pheromones’. Comes in a 2 oz. bottle with a dropper. The Breast Form Store puts it out. http://www.thebreastformstore.com. I suppose it is mainly a mental turn-on, but a good one, and of course it doesn’t impact my innards, which are already awash in more penetrating products like nanoserums (Cheeky Physique – pueraria mirifica plus adifyline, which promotes fatty tissue where applied), creams and capsules.

    My ‘girls’ are coming along now, and my posterior is poutier. How are you faring in your journey?

    Your girlie-friend,

  11. Peter  September 17, 2015

    I was wearing my sisters dresses secretly when I was 10. Wish I was born a girl.

  12. Jessy  November 17, 2015

    Hi Marcy,
    I am a junior crossdresser from Asia. My English is not very well, I am sorry about that. Thank you so much for creating this website that I learn a lot from here.
    In terms of Real Breast Forms, I wonder know how to make breast as real? Of course I wish I could have almost real breast because I don’t want to let other people know that I am actually a male. However, the color of breastform must different from my skin color, thus, it will show the edge of breastform.
    Besides, we attach the breast forms to my chest, but is it easier to drop if I buy the heavy breastform like D cup?
    Can I wear the bra even I wear breastform? Can the breastform creats clverage?
    I am so sorry bother you too much about those questions. I wish I could have a perfect brestform which could make me more like female.
    Please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much.


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