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Three Dominican Young Men Grow Breasts

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A local TV journalist discovered in Azua; three young men with female breasts!

In the Dominican Republic there are also women with very large breasts and a very early onset of sexual maturity.

A girl menstruation with 10 or 11 years are getting are not rare. Here it was found that these situations occur in families where caused a great deal “chicken” from battery hens and poultry farms. Chicken is a staple food in the Dominican Republic. This makes for a faster growth in chickens and slaughter of animals the maturity about a week faster than for example in Europe.

In the case of the 3 young men in Azua, the consumption of chicken meat is certainly not the reason for the female breasts.

The three brothers at the age of 10, 12 and 17 years who grew breasts due to a rare genetic disorder are now ‘living a normal life’ after going under the knife.

boys grow female breastsThe three young men look normal like other men. Muscles and genitals are typically male, only female breasts evolved since the onset of puberty.

And these are not small female breasts but large breasts on each of the handsome young men with female breasts. Local authorities brought the 3 young men to Santo Domingo to a specialist.

And they revealed that the condition, affecting the boys from the southern rural town of Magueyal, was genetic.

After tests to see if Yeuri, his 11-year-old brother Gabriel and 12-year-old Daniu could undergo treatment, they each went under the knife for two hours.

After the operation, for the condition called gynecomastia which affects males who have a hormonal imbalance, Dr Elbi Morla told the show: ‘In reality, this is a key moment in their evolution.

‘It was something that was affecting them greatly.’

The 3 boy’s father emotional plea was picked up by medics at the Marcelino Velez Santana Hospital, whose boss Dr Pedro Antonio Delgado agreed to pay for the operations.


Video clip news in the TV program in the Dominican Republic (video is in Spanish):

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And a grateful Felipe added: ‘They are now normal men. They have had them taken off. I never had the hope that this would happen.

‘I never had the money to do this. I’m so thankful to the press for helping.’

The Ramírez brothers, from the Dominican Republic, said they were ‘extremely happy’ they were no longer being bullied, beaten and ridiculed for their ‘boobs’.men growing breasts

Yeuri, 17, told local TV: ‘It hurt a lot but now I feel good. Now they can’t make fun of us anymore.

Doctors said they will now monitor the boys and give them medicine to block the female hormones they were producing.

It was most likely due to a hormonal anomaly passed on through generations of the area’s small congenital gene pool.

The plight of the siblings, which some have described as a hoax, was highlighted when their desperate father Felipe appealed for help, via the island’s news program “Zona5”, from specialists.

His work as a food stall seller, and the absence of the boys’ mother who left when they were little, meant he did not have enough money to pay for an operation

Surgery: A trio of brothers went under the knife because they developed breasts due to a genetic condition

breast surgery for boys

More Video of the news coverage about the three young men with female breasts:

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    This is a Cds dream is to grow our own breasts. Wish I had this disorder


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