Nikita Discovers a Shocking Secret

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I was OK with my ex-fiancé liking girls clothes but I really freaked out when I saw that he looked exactly like me

If BEING told her boyfriend was a secret Crossdresser wasn’t shock enough…

Nikita got an even bigger shock in store when the man she was planning to marry told her he in fact was a lesbian trapped in in a man’s body.
The biggest bombshell, though, was Nikita discovered her lover, Shawn Michel, looked exactly like ...

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Kara Comes Out to the World!

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Kara comes out to the world!

Kara’s Crossdressing Story

I have only been cross dressing since about January. What got me started I had joined twitter a months before. I started following women selling used panties, even bought some. One day I just decided to try a pair on and they fit! After that I started buying panties and even was brave enough to go in Victoria secrets and bought some thighs and a baby doll. And when I ...

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A True Tale of a Victorian Age Crossdresser!

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How a crossdresser was accepted in Victorian Edinburgh!

A society which refused to believe that homosexuals existed in Britain.

Stella Boulton’s appearance on Princes Street turned heads.

But not all the gasps and curious stares were perhaps for the reasons hoped. For Stella was in fact Ernest, a young man who had dedicated his life to become a female impersonator both on the stage and in Victorian drawing rooms. And the six months he spent in the Scottish capital had ...

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Did you know that Victoria’s Secret Allows Crossdressers?

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Victoria Secret allows crossdressers to try on lingerie in their fitting room!

If you are a crossdresser like me  you will love this little known secret!

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret as well as major department stores such as Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue have policies that allow men who like to crossdress to use the ladies’ dressing rooms? It is estimated that three to five percent of the adult male population of the United States feels the ...

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