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Imagine Your Own Real Breasts for a Day

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These men were given boobs for a day to experience life as a woman!

Would you love your own real boobs for a day?

Discover how these 2 German men got real boobs without pills or dangerous surgery!

Original story by Gareth Roberts in the UK Mirror

This daring duo had injections from a cosmetic surgeon to give them C-cup breasts for 24 hours
Two men were so desperate to experience life as a woman that they grew their own ...

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Three Dominican Young Men Grow Breasts

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A local TV journalist discovered in Azua; three young men with female breasts!

In the Dominican Republic there are also women with very large breasts and a very early onset of sexual maturity.

A girl menstruation with 10 or 11 years are getting are not rare. Here it was found that these situations occur in families where caused a great deal “chicken” from battery hens and poultry farms. Chicken is a staple food in the Dominican Republic. ...

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