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Skin Tone Selector Kit (Optional)

This kit is ideal if you wish to match your breast forms to your skin tone. This will allow you to send a sample close up photo of your own skin against the sample so the manufacturer can customize the skin tone of your breast forms.

There is NO additional charge for this other than the cost of the skin tone sampler kit which will be deducted refunded against the cost of your breast forms.



Custom skin tone sample kit  from which you can pick and customize pick your skin color.Highly recommended if you wish to ideally match the breast forms to your own skin. Instructions on how to customize your skin tone will be provided. The cost of the sampler kit is refundable towards the cost of your final breast forms order.

$39.00 (Excl. Tax)
Weight: .5kg
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Ultra Realistic Breast Order Section

Here you will be able to securely order your breast forms and select from the many options available.

Some options are included with a standard order and some are charged extra shown in parenthesis. (Click on any image below for larger version)



At last there is a  line of  super realistic breast forms that offers you the closest thing to having real breasts!  These realistic wearable breast forms are available in multiple sizes and 5 standard skin tones: fair, light tan, medium, tan and cocoa. These colors encompass most natural skin tones.

In addition, you may custom blend the silicone color with your skin using blushes and/or foundation make up powders, or alcohol based body inks.

$899.00 $749.00 (Excl. Tax)
Select Your Breast Forms Size *

There are 4 sizes you can choose from for your breast forms order. Please select the one above.
Select Your Breast Forms Skin Tone *

The skin tones shown above are the standard tones offered without customization. Please note the tones shown are approximate because each computer monitors tends to render colors differently. If you want a more exact match I recommend you order the skin tone sample kit above.
Select Your Breast Forms Vanishing Edge Option *

Thin - Maximum blend with skin, but must be careful to not damage during application and removal process.
Thick - Easier to work with, more durable.
Select Care Kit for Your Breast Forms *

Your order ships with the Standard Care Kit. You can select the Deluxe Care Kit Upgrade option here. The Standard Care Kit includes medical adhesive, skin prep wipes (helps adhesion and protects skin), adhesive remover and adhesive remover wipes. The Deluxe Care Kit includes all the items of the regular care kit + medical grade Hollister adhesive/remover spray. This product is recommended for size 3/4.
Optional Extra Customization * Select this option, then select your custom skin tone texture, nipple color, and nipple texture below.
Customize Your Skin Tone Airbrushing Texture (Optional) *

Our custom airbrush option includes hand applied skin tone and texture variations, subtle washes of layered color on both breast and nipple, airbrushed veins (very subtle!), and freckles and/or moles IF DESIRED.

NOTE: If the client does not indicate whether they want any freckles or moles, a tasteful amount will be added by default for realism. With the custom option, the client can also indicate (if desired) specific requests for nipple and/or areola size, color, etc. If no special request is made in this, we will apply the default nipple for the specific size of breast.
Basic - Airbrushing for subtle skin tone changes for a more natural skin texture.
Standard - Airbrushing for subtle skin tone changes for a more natural skin texture. Some veins, freckles and moles for a realistic appearance.
Freckles - Various freckles and moles for a more realistic appearance.
Veins - Veins are carefully painted in to the lower layers of the skin for the most natural, realistic appearance.
Special Requests - You can use the "Special Requests" field at the bottom of this page to provide any additional details for us to create your custom skin tone texture.
Customize Your Nipple Color (Optional) *

Here you can customize your nipple color by selecting any of the one above that you prefer to be added to your custom breast forms order.
Customize Your Nipple Texture (Optional) *

Here you can select the exact nipple texture that you would like added to your breast forms order.
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